Options: Easiest DIY Air Filter 2

Beijing maker Thomas Talhelm has been working on a super cheap solution for HEPA filtration. Slap a HEPA Filter on a box fan…Done. Pretty much the cheapest and simplest clean air hack. To find out how to make your own check out his website Particle Counting.   Thanks right folks, that […]

DIY aaaiiirrr filters for any budget

We want clean air and we’re sure you do too, check out these prototypes our team made at Xin Che Jian hackerspace in Shanghai. Parts list and plans coming soon.  

Launched! June 2013 by Make + in Shanghai

Hello There It all began with a pitch..   Makerplus.org began its first program in June 2013 in Collaboration with http://xinchejian.com/. They said pitch an idea and try to get a team to work on it together. From humble beginnings, no experience, as huge ambitions, we initiated a team of people […]