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This is a work in progress. A movement so to speak. Its not about knowing about it, its about getting involved.


Shoot us an email :

Weixin Official Group: Coming Soon

Volunteer your skills. Or better yet, learn some new ones.

Come to our Weekly Meeting at

Help us with our DIY air filters, or make your own.

Join our future work shops.

Tell your friends, not your enemies ; )


Be the change you want to see in the world.(-g)



The Air Collaboration Team



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8 thoughts on “Get Involved

  • Robert

    l have been involved in environmental issues for year. Air pollution is an important issue and I would like to be part of the solution.

    Please let me know when you meet the next time. Also let me know if you need Amy materials. I have things in my workshop that I could donate.

    BR Robert

  • Zheng yukang

    I am thinking about a total indoor air solution for small apartment (2-6 windows). and found this site , so good.

    It should be calculated and set several modules for certain spectacles,

    redesigned the product with low noise , low power consumption , easy deployment.

    several modules should fit different air conditions : (wet , dry , hot , cool , PM10, PM2.5 , indoor pollution, person numbers,)

    Each modules could have numbers terminals to control corresponding air import/export windows , dual way could be preferred .

    We can use a platform + wireless interworking + parameter set to control it to fit the air change in 24 hours / diff air conditions / numbers of people.

    needs :
    sensors , counts, filters , CO2 solution, portion air /heat exchange system ,Silent motor ,,,architecture design´╝î maintenance solution. cost balance. current air condition choice. Many works …

    I hate dirty air, am fed up by the air condition.

    I am happy to join a team to finish all of this and make a business.

    • Berni War

      Hey Jian. Thank you for your feedback! We just emailed you, here at air we say: It takes a village. So we hope to keep getting better at this. Let’s work on getting your advice on the next version and we can write a post about it in the future.

  • AK

    Hi team,
    It’s great to see an open source project for building an air purifier that’s affordable to the common people.
    The current a/p sold on the market is such a ripped off by the major manufacuturers…
    I’m also wondering how could I contribute and be part of this exciting project ?
    Let me know if I could help.