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Easy tips for improving indoor air quality

1. Stay Informed/各处获得信息:

Get app for local air quality, wear a mask or stay inside if air is really bad.


2. Open Windows When Air is Clear / 当空气质量良好时,尽可能开通窗户通通气:

Indoor air quality can be much worse than outside due to furniture off-gassing, toxic cleaning products, or smoking inside. It’s a good idea to open your windows in the early morning and late evening if the air outside is good.


3. Get a HEPA Air Purifier/购买HEPA(高效微粒滞留阻捕)空气净化器。:

A HEPA filter can catch the pm 2.5particles that are the most toxic to our bodies. The pm 2.5 particles can pass directly into our blood stream by-passing our lungs natural filtration. HEPA air filters are

proven to work effectively and are the best for improving indoor air quality. Find out how to make your own here on our website.


4. Buy Air Cleaning Plants/购买可净化空气的植物:

The plants in this display are proven to clean VOC’s (toxic chemicals) from the air. You could survive in an air tight bottle with just 8 of these plants cycling the air your breathe. A good rule for the best air quality is 8 of these plants per person.


5. Wear an N95 Mask/戴符合N95标准的口罩:

Like a HEPA filter for your face. The N95 mask can filter most of the pollutants out of the air (particulates, not VOCs).


6. Use a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner/家庭使用HEPA吸尘器:

Unless you have a HEPA vacuum cleaner filter your vacuum is taking pollutants around your home and throwing them in the air.


7. Use ‘Eco’ Cleaning Products/使用环保型的清洁剂:

Many cleaning products give off toxic gasses when being used. It’s best to use ‘Eco’ cleaning products or better yet, make your own for cheap! Many websites will teach you how to make your own natural cleaning products using things like lemon juice and vinegar.

使用许多清洁剂时 经常会排出有害的气。最好使用【环保】品牌的清洁剂,或者自己家庭混合自己的清洁剂!上网研究不久就可以学会如何用柠檬汁、醋等各种日用品来创造自然清洁剂。

8. Don’t Burn Scented Candles/谢绝点燃香味蜡烛:

You can’t see it, but burning candles or incense inside gives off loads of pm 2.5 particles. If you must burn things inside keep the windows open and ventilate after. Instead, try natural essential oils.



Let us know if you’ve got any more great ways to improve your air quality in the comments section below.


The Air Collaboration Team

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