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Beijing maker┬áThomas Talhelm has been working on a super cheap solution for HEPA filtration. Slap a HEPA Filter on a box fan…Done. Pretty much the cheapest and simplest clean air hack. To find out how to make your own check out his website Particle Counting.

Particle Counting, DIY Air Filter


DIY HEPA Filter, back view

Thanks right folks, that is all it takes. Yes current commercial models have a perfect seal around their custom filters, allowing you to have the pleasure of buying their filters in perpetuity. But we think this is a great option for thos crafty do it yourselfers and utilitarian minimalist. Just remember, the most important component would be the Hepa filter itself. Make sure its certified, and with a good rating.( Here at aaaiiirrr we suggest Merv 8-13.) Why dont your versions of this DIY style filters? Cant wait to see.


No fuss, just cleaner air. Keep it up Thomas!




aaaiiirrr.org Team


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